We are an approved CVRT Centre and VTN member. We are licensed to provide HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles) and LGV (Light Goods Vehicles) tests at our fully equipped centre in Waterford city.

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What exactly is the CVRT?

The CVRT (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test) is a roadworthiness test for all commercial vehicles, buses with more than eight passenger seats and ambulances, all over one year old. The purpose of the test is to ensure that these vehicles are in good condition throughout their lifetime. All commercial vehicles must be tested when they are over one year old and annually thereafter. There are two types of commercial vehicle tests – one for Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) and one for Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVS).

Why do you need a CVRT?

  1. You can’t get your vehicle taxed without it

Only when you pass your CVRT (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test) will you get your Certificate of Roadworthiness (CRW). Also, you can’t renew your tax without your CRW. You need to include your CRW in your motor tax application.

  1. It makes more roadworthy vehicles

The CVR test makes sure that, every year, all goods vehicles on the road have been thoroughly and fairly tested. The test catches vehicles failure points and re-tests on those points, so they return as safer and more roadworthy vehicles.

  1. It saves time

Yearly tests and well-maintained vehicles mean fewer breakdowns. The CVRT programme improves the overall efficiency for goods vehicles testing.

  1. It’s the law

The legislation states that all commercial vehicles must be tested when they are over one year old and annually after that, so having your vehicle tested means avoidance of penalty points and fines.